What is our goal in the long run?

On the brinks of distress and anguish, our survival is only humanity. Only by joining hands can we suffice.

Give Back is a noble initiative to extend our aid towards the misfortunate. In a world full of bias and disparity, we can use every inch of kindness we receive. The goal is to work towards the collective welfare of the society. GiveBack seeks to make a global contribution towards the benefit of the society as a whole. A simple effort can often go a long way. There is a large strata of the society that is deprived of its basic standard of life. Steeped in inequality, they have nowhere to go. Humanity gives core essence to the very existence of man. Only when we give back, do we feel the sense of fulfilment and gratitude.

In a country that is rapidly pacing towards development, it is unfortunate to see some who are unable to meet even their basic needs. At the same time, there are many who have more than adequate to meet their requirements and wish to assist others.

How it works?

We aim to establish a transparent objective to our cause. GiveBack aims to reach out to the under- privileged through benefactors who wish to donate out of their free will. GiveBack Foundation intends to identify activities and support ways to have a more equal society. Our platform enables the donors and volunteers to meet and help people in need. We create fund raising campaigns for specific projects, thus creating awareness. We aspire to reach out to corporate hubs and organisations for their valuable support. We wish to undertake any activity that supports the concept of giving back to the society ; be it by preservation of nature, culture, or history. Only by taking initiative, can we make a difference in our lives.ʼ

Donate to a specific project need, for example to “ 20 euros for a wheelbarrow ”, or else to a project generally e.g. “Building a school in Mombasa, Kenya”. You can always donate anonymously. Rather than a one-off donation, you can become a monthly donor. Also a possibility with many projects: donations in kind or donating your time as a volunteer.

Rate it if you happen to know the project manager or if you know more about the project for some other reason. Post your opinion on the project-site, ideally including photos or videos from when you visited the project on-site. You can also ask the project manager questions at any time. Others can use their answers to help them decide whether to donate.